About vasee

「vasee」comes from the word vase and see. 「Vase」is the environment of the plant and 「See」is the core value of our brand, which means we want to bring a new way to watch plant growing and thriving in the house and appreciate the beauty of the mother nature.


As one of the leading gadget for indoor plant growing, we facilitate combining technology with our daily life, making it easier to manage your plant in a whole different level.

We are a team that is full of passion about modern technology and plant. There are electronic engineers and professionals in plant cultivating. The inspiration comes from how much we love about plant growing, so we dedicated ourselves developing an ultimate gadget that fits most of the plant.

We all want to keep a piece of green in the concrete jungle. We can feel peace just by looking at it. The methodology in our brand is to find the moment of serenity without having a bunch of professional knowledge and sophisticated manual for gadgets.

about micro greenhouse


What is a mini-nature bottle?

There’s a lot of answers to that question. You put a small plant in the bottle put some soil and water in it, so that’s it?

This is a question to the team of Vasee and it troubles them for several years. If someone asks me what a mini-nature bottle is, we would say it’s a mini-biosphere.

In this tiny world inside the bottle, there may be breeze and sunshine. By combining the modern technology, we could build a small place for flowers and trees to grow next by us.

The motivation at the very first beginning, is that we want to build something that can create, or mimic the nature, but it seem impossible, so we try to put some of the basic element inside the bottle, the wind, light and water. To be frankly it’s very hard to keep the balance between these elements since there is hardly a balance outside the bottle. We are just trying to keep up.

There, we combine our domain knowledge the create the smart cap light call Air & Light +, where we try to keep up our goal : bring the beauty of nature back to your place.


Our first store starts in the sugar-refinery Area in Chao-Tou District, including exhibition area and classroom for hand-craft and lecturing, which provides a place for enthusiastics and professionals in plant growing.

Specialty Domain

Bring the beauty of nature back to your house and enjoy the relaxation brought by the plants.


Technology and life, enjoying the fun of growing plants


Jelly bottle and various kinds of plants


Facilitating a better aqua-culture